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 Traff the Wiz is a rapper from Missoula, Montana who has been described as "Wu-Tang Clan meets Talib Kweli" in a recent newspaper article (Missoula Independent, July 26, 2012). He came to Missoula in 2006 from Troy, Montana, a small town in the northwest corner of the state, where he began rapping out of lack of anything better to do.  Upon going to Missoula, he became a driving force in the local hip-hop scene. He performs solo and with his band Traffic Jam, as well as with Tonsofun and DJ Brand One as Zoo Effort.  He has toured extensively in the past year with Abstract Rude on his Cali Love Tour, with Myka 9 on his Humboldt Fire Tour, as well as opening for Warren G in Moscow, Idaho, Lyrics Born in Missoula, and many other performances throughout the Northwest and California. 

Traff released his second solo album "Traffghanistan", on July 4, 2012, which has sold out of the first pressing. The video for "Negative Gold", the first single from this album, was released on November 2, 2012 and the video for "Hey", the second single was released in December of 20012.  

Traff released his new album, "These Things Take Time", on August 9, 2013.  This album is a collaboration between Traff and producer Shmed Maynes, and has been in the works for 5 years.  It is a very personal piece of work for the both of them.  A video from this album, Jackson 5ish, has also been released!  

Take a look around the site and have fun y'all! Watch the videos! Download the album! Check out the photos! Every show there will be new shots!  Want to know when you can catch a show? It's listed in the events page. Don't forget to leave messages and comments on the contact page and catch the Writer's Bloq, where Traff will blog every Friday! Lot's more will be added to the on a daily basis so there will always be something new!

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